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21 Martha then said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died”      –John 11:21


This quote is taken from the story of Lazarus.  Jesus had been a considerable distance away when he received word of Lazarus’ illness, but was close enough when he received word that he could have arrived before Lazarus actually died.  However, he chooses to stay where he is and finish ministering to those people.  This had Mary and Martha, Lazarus’ sisters, quite upset.  When he does in fact show up, Martha comes out and blames him for her brother’s death.  A few verses later, Mary does the same thing (v. 32).  Although on the surface this may seem valid, it shows three distinct characteristics:

1. Short-sightedness:  Both Mary and Martha couldn’t see beyond their own pain at the loss of their brother.

2. Self-centeredness:  Both Mary and Martha were only seeing how this affected them, and not getting the “big picture”.

3. Lack of faith:  It wasn’t until Jesus confronted them with their level of faith that either of them admitted to believing in Him.

When Jesus showed up, he appeared to have arrived too late.  However, God’s timing is not the same as ours, and is always perfect.  The miracle of Lazarus’ resurrection brought glory to God in ways that no one could have imagined.  Many times, we expect God to solve our issues and problems in a specific manner and order, but when He doesn’t appear exactly how we expect Him to, we become angry, and even play the “blame game”, much like Mary and Martha.  It’s at these times that we need to realize that God is in control, and trust Him to work in our lives in ways that He sees fit.


Heavenly Father, help us to learn to trust completely in you for all our needs.  Give us the strength and courage to step out in faith that we may further your kingdom.  In Christ’s name, amen.




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