Our vision is to end homelessness one person at a time...



Dear Heavenly Father,

Help us to go beyond what is easiest when exercising compassion.  Amen.


Compassion is hard work. When exercising compassion, proceed with wisdom, be willing to confront sin, and plan on being in for the long haul. Simply giving a handout to the homeless and then going separate ways may not be the best way to help someone.  Deep compassion often takes a lot of time and effort. By God’s grace the City Mission is positioned well to work with people through the complicated trials of their lives.  A recent story about a homeless person who took advantage of a well meaning community member illustrates the complicated nature of compassion. The homeless person lied about her circumstance and manipulated this community member to give her a substantial amount of money.  This opened the door to even more complicated issues that have the potential to become legal.  Another well meaning person wanted to give a ride to one of our residents, but he didn’t stop to think about appropriate boundaries between himself as a male and a female who was opportunistically looking for a compromising situation she could take advantage of.  With 80 years of institutional knowledge, the City Mission is uniquely positioned to show compassion, and we work at compassion in the following ways:

• We get to know many of our residents over weeks and in some cases years.

• We have nightly chapel services.

• We sit down and work through tough situations with our residents.

• We challenge individuals to grow.

• The mission is structured in such a way as to promote healthy relationship within appropriate boundaries.

• Our staff is trained to work with the unique challenges of homelessness.


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The Holidays Are Coming!


CHRISTMAS GIFT DONATIONS NEED TO START COMING IN BEFORE THANKSGIVING because all of the gifts for the Jesus' Birthday Party must be wrapper by the first week in December.


Christmas is about giving and each year it is amazing to see how you open your hearts to reach out in very special ways to those who are homeless or in need.  All of the adult and children's clothing, blankets, toys, and games distributed at our Christmas parties are donated.  Last year, more than 700 gifts were given out to 213 people in need:  135 at the Jesus' Birthday Party (76 children and 59 adults), 65 at the Drop-Ins Give-Away (45 adults and 19 children), and 13 Mission Residents.



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*The pictures and names of the homeless, unless specifically noted, are not of local homeless people.